Health Benefits of Having Sex

Having sex on a daily basis can make a person look more beautiful and younger, the more you engage yourself to sex the more you will have a healthier life. Sex brings about bonding, brings pleasure and a lot of intimacy in every relationship. Sex reduces boredom in a relationship; it also reduces worries in a relationship which can lead to depression. It is a very important part of the life of an adult; now let’s look at its benefits in depth. Below are some health benefits of sex:

Relieves stress

Sex can help a person to relieve stress which can be caused by daily activities, for example, stress that one finds from work. If you have a stressful life, then sex can help regulate your stress and level your blood pressure, having nice sexual intercourse will reduce your tension.

Sex boosts immunity

Having sex does keep the doctor away from you by enhancing immune-boosting antibody levels and immunoglobulin that fight against bacteria, viruses, and germs that may cause illnesses.


When a person engages in this activity, it can help you burn extra calories, and also improve your blood circulation; this is because, during sex, your heartbeat rate increases and therefore, this causes fresh blood to be supplied to your heart.

Improves sleep

After sex, a relaxation-inducing hormone is released; hence one goes into a deep and better sleep immediately after sex and wake up re-energized and refreshed.

Boost libido

For those with low sex libido, they are advised to have sex on a daily basis because this might improve your sex libido.

It improves intimacy

Sex adds flavor to any relationship and breeds a healthy relationship between couples. It releases a love hormone that helps couples to love and trust more. The more you engage in sex as a couple the more you get more affectionate.

Helps one to have a glowing and an ageless skin

Regular sex can make one look younger than she is, more beautiful and more so flawless.

Reduces pain

It can partially relieve a constant severe pain like a migraine that you might be experiencing by releasing pain reducing hormone; it can also reduce menstrual cramps, this is just a shred of evidence that as a couple you should engage in sex frequently.

It is good for the brain

Sexual intercourse is one of the best medications for stress, and once you have no stress your brain will function properly, it also does improve a person’s behavior when couples kiss and connect skin to skin it renovates their brains.

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